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Los Angeles, California (January 30, 2011):

Did you know?

-According to Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) on any given night, nearly 50,000 people are homeless in Los Angeles County. Of those, two in three have no shelter and are living in the streets. Los Angeles has one of the largest homeless populations in the nation for any major metropolitan area.

Volunteers for OTAY group plan to descend on the Sylmar Emergency Winter Shelter, Sunday March 6, 2011. Volunteers will be providing an evening meal for the 120 shelter guests as well as hygiene kits.

Can you help us to prepare the shelter’s population for the spring season?

What are the needs?

Donations of toothbrushes/toothpaste and other toiletries are welcome. Monetary donations are welcome.

OTAY Group Charity is a service organization that spreads joy and creates friendships along the way. The non-profit serves the community with basic needs including food, clothing, shoes, blankets and many many smiles.  OTAY Group Charity is recognized as a public charity as Exempt Under Section 501(c) (3) of IRS code)




Los Angeles, California (November 8, 2010):

Once again, OTAY group Charity will be giving thanks throughout the community during the Thanksgiving Holiday. Last year, OTAY provided over 1000 pairs of shoes and a scrumptious Thanksgiving Day meal for over 350 orphans in Guatemala. This year, a group of very generous sponsors has donated food and supplies to the non-profit organization for this event. The excitement builds as volunteers prepare to provide 1000 meals from a food truck. OTAY is planning to provide mobile meals on Saturday, November 27, 2010.  The OTAY food truck, sponsored by RoadStoves, will be making several stops throughout Southern California from 11am until 6pm.  The companies donating supplies include  Jordanos and Trade Supplies.


Volunteers to help with the food drop, donate services, etc..

Donations including financial, blankets, shoes, food.

OTAY Group Charity is a service organization that spreads joy and creates friendships along the way. The non-profit serves the community with basics such as food, clothing, shoes, blankets and many many smiles.

OTAY Group Charity


4222 Santa Monica Blvd. Ste 106, Los Angeles, CA 90029


Going Global With Otay Group Charity

October 11, 2009

Blog by: Russo Mutuc

OTAY Group Charity is hard at work networking, spreading the word, and collecting kids SHOES. In November 2009, the team will go abroad to Guatemala, to participate in a shoe drop project. The project will include a Medical Mission, Sports Education, Culinary, and Community Service. Volunteers from different backgrounds will be donating their time to fulfill the need for “Global Citizenship”.

Otay volunteers are preparing for the weeklong event. In total, 10 volunteers, with varied skills and backgrounds will be going to Guatemala to assist in humanitarian efforts. Chefs, nurses, college students, sports coaches, team leaders, and teachers will be working with orphaned children. The main theme for this mission is to realize Global Citizenship and create relationships with our neighbors in Guatemala.

They are writing new stories on a daily basis. The volunteers and support are coming from different areas including Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, Lake Hughes, Inglewood, San Diego, and even as far as New York. Shoes are being driven or flown in, from various donated sites. One example of the support for the shoe drive  is with St. Mary’s Academy, an all girls  Catholic high school. A successful joint venture which consisted of TEENS organizing a shoe drive for a school wide community service project that in turn gave them an opportunity to be leaders in their own community. Collaboration with St. Mary’s Academy made OTAY’s mission of  Organized Trips around Youth, a reality. Within two weeks, the huge impact of this collaboration was evident. Students and staff of the school were able to collect more than 354 pairs of shoes. OTAY’s original goal was to collect 350 pairs of kid’s shoes bound for Guatemala. Currently, not only did they meet the target number, but also they will have additional shoes to distribute to surrounding orphanages in Guatemala. Collaborating with St. Mary’s Academy was an especially inspiring and rewarding experience for  OTAY group.

In difficult economic times, many people are now realizing the hard-ship that surrounds our local, national, and international communities. OTAY Group Charity is a small entity that is helping spread that awareness and creating friendships along the way. They are servicing the community  while improving awareness for different cultures and creating a base for peace amongst our neighbors. |


Kids Shoe Drive & Steel Toed Slippers – Los Angeles

March 13, 2009

OTAY Group and Steel Toed Slippers have united to help collect kid’s shoes for Mexico Shoe Drop in April 2009.

On Friday March 13th Live music by – Steel Toed Slippers will be performing at the Knitting Factory-Hollywood, CA. OTAY Group has joined forces with the band to help raise awareness and collect shoes for second/third world countries. This will be the first event OTAY Group will be participating in. The band is an up and coming group from Los Angeles, their type of music can be described as ‘Rock / Jam Band / Funk‘ ( ). “They have loyal followers,” says, David Moss, manager. The volunteers; Russo Mutuc, Jill Hudspeth, David Moss, and Karla Flores, will be setting up a station, at the venue, to collect the shoes. (Location: The Knitting Factory, 7:30pm – 9:30pm, Friday, March 13, 2009, at the Blvd. $10 pre-sale $12 at the door )

This will be a fun filled event, with good music, and an even greater cause. If you would like to attend the rocking party in Hollywood, OTAY Group encourages participants to bring new or used shoes for donations.


For more information on this event, contact Russo Mutuc @

323.472.4487 | |



Blanket, Shoe, Clothes, Food Drop February 2009

Follow the team of Spanish for Medical/Spanish for Success volunteers for another round of goodwill work. This time they are handing out about 100 blankets, food, shoes, and clothes to the homeless of the Los Angeles region.

Feb 23, 2009 – OTAY Group Association and volunteers are on a mission, yet again, to donate collected blankets, shoes, clothes, and food. The efforts and volunteer work has created a huge momentum since November of 2008. The monthly projects has sparked interest with others who have jumped on board with the cause. New volunteers and donors from different parts of Southern California came together to help out. One of the major donors is Canyon Creek Sports Camp, and they had donated about 100 blankets and food. This will come in handy for the homeless considering the weather changes lately in the Southern California region. “A blanket, a pair of shoes, and some food will be a good way to show some TLC,” Hudspeth, Jill, CCSC. Volunteering for the projects are Jill Hudspeth, Russo Mutuc, Jesse Yamashito, Ronda De los Reyes, Karla Flores, and Bertha Roque.

Since the Mexico Shoe Drop project, the team was able to collect about 400 shoes, which 300 were handed out to the orphanages in Mexico. Up till now, more shoes are being donated.  The team plans to distribute the extra shoes in stock to local homeless groups.

Guatemala 2009, is in the planning phase, the team plans to go to the country. The future goal is to help collect medical supplies and more shoes. Medical volunteers will be able to utilize their Medical Spanish skills learned in class.

If you’re interested in donating or volunteering for future projects, contact Russo Mutuc @
323-472-4487 | |


Mexico Shoe Drop 2009

Volunteers collecting and donating shoes to orphanages in Mexico.

Jan 28, 2009 – Follow the team of volunteers as they hand out new and used shoes to orphanages in Mexico.

(January 27, 2009)-On Thursday January 29th OTAY Group Association and volunteers are on a mission to donate collected new and used shoes. The project started about a month ago, when an idea came to action. Headed by Russo Mutuc, Kisha Malika Lawson, Jill Hudspeth, Julie Costa, and Josie Hudspeth the team was able to help spread the word that a project was in the works to help the kids in Mexico. Within a week, shoes from different parts of Southern California started making their way in. Church members, companies, and many random people have come together for a cause and had donated about more than 300 shoes. New shoes have also come as far as Delaware brought in on a flight from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. The story kept on growing as others opened up their humanitarian efforts to help the less fortunate. The biggest challenge for the used shoes collected was physically collecting mass amounts and cleaning them up along with sorting. Plus they were coming from different locations, and the shoes have traveled the distance from Tehachapi, Santa Clarita, Lake Hughes, San Diego, and Los Angeles. Finally they will be in route to Mexico to be utilized in the orphanages.

This team effort has grown drastically within a three week time frame. Different companies and volunteers have made this happen. Spanish for Medical/Spanish for Success, Canyon Creek Sports Camp, Divine by Design Angelique M Ehat Higher, Vision Church in Castaic, Country Wide Secondary Marketing Department, St. Judes Travel Department (Danna Lyons), San Diego Mesa College Women’s basketball team (Shannon Schiele, and Sally Davis)

After this first Shoe Drop Project, the team looks to expand its operation to El Salvador and Guatemala. If you’re interested in donating or volunteering for future projects, contact
Russo Mutuc @
323-472-4487 | |

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