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El Salvador Trip

Not all of us can do great things but we can do small things with great love  Mother Theresa

Otay Love a Child: El Salvador, February 2011

For every acquaintance, God is using it to further his work showing love for all mankind. I was happy to know that a friendship with Pastor Nahum Galdamez over the years was the key to lead the Otay group to our international trip this February.

Nahum shared a need for a school in Cojutepeque, El Salvador. The school had no library. Books in Spanish for students and teachers were needed. Also needed were resource materials for the classroom and school supplies for each student for the new year that had just started a month ago in January.

This was right up our alley. Otay is about reaching out to a need, a commitment to come along side another and show unity.  How perfect it was to make it a Valentines project of love. Let’s dig in and gather what we can!  Calls went out to family, friends and connections with schools in Los Angeles.

It was super to see the quick work from a few schools.  Sunrise Elementary school was instrumental with instructional materials and workbooks for teachers. St Mary’s Academy   was key with student supplies.

How great to see this girl’s  team up with Otay for a 2nd year and assist in this outreach. In addition, over one hundred valentines in Spanish were made to bless the children.

Liz Changala was focused on the Spanish books for children. She reached out to librarians in the Porterville area.

Mistie Barela, Otay Volunteer and VP of the middle school collected over one hundred pairs of shoes.  Jordan Schore from the valley delivered shoes and books that were donated from his friends. Others came with individual donations of shoes, backpacks and money . Every single donation was appreciated and without it we would have been limited on who and how much we could provide to the children and adults in El Salvador.

Otay is focused on the value of blessing others with a meal.  Sharing a meal gives a chance to connect on a personal level..  What every child loves is pizza and in El Salvador it was no different.  We decided to provide a pizza party for lunch for the students, leaving bellies full and happy.

With Nahum’s help and direction, he was able to assist us with a vehicle, driver and his family home to stay at.  Otay women volunteers joined together to tackle this project and it was quite an adventure.  Not only were we able to share love with Iglesia Bautisa Emmanuel with books, shoes, backpacks and school supplies for their students,  but also a special needs school in Metapan.   What a treat it was to spend a morning with these loving children! We provided piñatas, games, and a pizza lunch.  They stole our hearts within minutes of arriving. Our desire became clear as we spent time in the country to bless families with limited resources with bags of groceries, shoes, and clothing in Metapan.  Hearts are stretched when we realize how many blessings we have here and how little others have.

Our biggest joy came unexpectedly. Nahum had set up an opportunity to visit Simply Help shelter for seniors in Cojutepeque and it was here that God stepped in to use us in ways we had not expected.  We met Seniors who had little contact with others and they came alive sharing music and their singing with us. It was at this shelter we met Anna. She had gotten lost and was hours from her family with no ability to contact them. The true blessing was being given an opportunity to help reunite her with her loved ones. Our two hour visit became a 3 day excursion back and forth across the country. We were able to not only help Anna but develop a connection with the other 30 Seniors in the home.

Otay volunteers were treated like princesses at the family home in Metapan. What a treat it was to have breakfast daily with our host family.  They took special care and love was provided for us.  I believe I left part of my heart with them when we departed.

Sergio, our driver, and his nephew, Joel, made our trip one in a million. From the first hour af our arrival, Sergio was constantly looking for ways to go the extra mile.  Patient and kindness was his character.

Lastly, our El Salvador team thanks all of you for the support. Otay operates only because you allow us to be your hands and feet in sharing what you have with those in greater need.  God bless you.

Special thanks to the “All “women team. The sacrifice of each team member is appreciated. Everyone must provide for their own travel expenses and put their personal needs aside for the greater good.  Asking a woman to travel anywhere using only her carry on for a trip is challenging enough, but pile that on with tackling fear of the unknown for our first-timers was an awesome step of faith. What a unique opportunity it was to bring women together from different paths of life to spread love to children and adults in El Salvador!

Gracias amigos.

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Otay Sponsors Screening of Invisible Children!

Invisible Children will lead an info session and Q&A with Eric from Uganda!

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Prom Drive

Does your closet look like you should have starred in 27 DRESSES?!

Prom is just around the corner & many girls are unable to attend due to financial/personal circumstances … please help by:

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US Military Trauma Center Project

We have teamed up with an Airforce EMT currently based in Afghanistan to provide used goods to the people who receive aid at the Trauma Center on base.


SPONSOR the cost of a FLAT RATE BOX —-$15 by check or paypal to OTAY Group Charity

DONATE used goods for us to send

SEND your own! Contact for the shipping address.  Use the 12×12 flat rate box from the US Post Office and weight is not measured.  Save the customs receipt from the post office and send a copy to Otay for your tax deduction.


Otay is excited to announce that 20 packages have already been sent. Families are being aided by your donations!

We have 25 boxes that still need to be sponsored so that we can send them out. If you would like to help please donate $15 per box.

Every little act of generosity is multiplied as one person’s heart opens to another.

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From the chef…..

On Sunday March 6th, OTAY successfully participated in a generous event in which group members prepared and served a delicious meal to 120 homeless. What was on the menu? Some beautifully braised beef stew with root vegetables, 3 potato mix mashed potatoes, roasted peas and corn, cornbread and some sweet buttery oreo sugar cookies and yes, some Kool Aid. Each and every patron of the shelter approached the line with joy and rumbling stomachs, and to their delight they left with a pile of rib sticking food that sent them into a peaceful slumber on until the night. Mounds and mounds of “yummy deliciousness” were given out on Sunday, in return, smiles and communal joy around.

The more OTAY collectively participates in events, the more they receive as a group. There is much more exchange than simply feeding a group of people standing in line. With OTAY, a homeless man or woman has a friend, a companion. It is important to learn, to share and teach others ways to take brighter steps in life. What OTAY has learned from Sunday’s event is that its spirit is alive! The call to young inspired volunteers and people wanting to be a part of something amazing has been answered. 4 young, spirited women volunteered on Sunday along with the OTAY team and it is great to see more and more people wanting to be involved. The memories of Sylmar Shelter will be fond. The hearts of the OTAY members were shared with the ones who needed them the most on Sunday and it was a reward had by all.

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Sylmar Shelter Feed

The Otay team served over 150 meals Sunday, March 6th at the Santa Clarita Valley Emergency Winter Shelter.

With the help of volunteers from the Desert Vineyard Church (Lancaster, CA) and financial donations that were received from our great supporters, our dinner was a great success!

Our chefs, Louis and Sev, prepared a homemade feast of beef stew with veggies, mashed potatoes, buttered corn and peas, corn bread, fruit salad, and oreo-sugar cookies.  The shelter guests were greeted with big smiles and even bigger portions of the delicious meal.

Otay was also able to bless the guests with hygiene kits with items like soaps, lotions, tissues, toothbrushes and toothpaste, combs, shampoo, etc.  This project was the first for our new intern Jennifer, an undergraduate of Philosophy and Women’s Studies at California State University, Fullerton.

The Otay team and MANY new Volunteers serve in Sylmar!

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Unused Donation Goods Given to GoodWill

Many of the unused donations Otay has received in the last year was donated to GoodWill. Many of the donated (used goods) have been in storage of volunteers homes. Currently Otay does not have funding for storage, so any goods we are able to use and donate we distribute them first.

Good Will Donation

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Otay goes to El Salvador

From February 9th-16th Otay members and volunteers traveled across several cities in El Salvador to take goods to local communities.

The project team prepares for the trip.

More pictures and videos to come!

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Los Angeles, California (January 30, 2011):

Did you know?

-According to Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) on any given night, nearly 50,000 people are homeless in Los Angeles County. Of those, two in three have no shelter and are living in the streets. Los Angeles has one of the largest homeless populations in the nation for any major metropolitan area.

Volunteers for OTAY group plan to descend on the Sylmar Emergency Winter Shelter, Sunday March 6, 2011. Volunteers will be providing an evening meal for the 120 shelter guests as well as hygiene kits.

Can you help us to prepare the shelter’s population for the spring season?

What are the needs?

Donations of toothbrushes/toothpaste and other toiletries are welcome. Monetary donations are welcome.

OTAY Group Charity is a service organization that spreads joy and creates friendships along the way. The non-profit serves the community with basic needs including food, clothing, shoes, blankets and many many smiles.  OTAY Group Charity is recognized as a public charity as Exempt Under Section 501(c) (3) of IRS code)














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Otay Bound For El Salvador Feburary 2011

Otay El Salvador Trip Feb 2011

Happy New Year to all of our Facebook friends!

We are spreading good cheer and love to El Salvador over Valentine’s Day.  Our destination is Immanuel School in Cojutepeque. They have 120 children from Kindergarten-9th grade.

The goal is to take Spanish books, shoes, and school supplies in back packs.

To finish in Otay-style, we’ll make a lunch at the school for all students and teachers.

If you can support us with supplies and or donations we would appreciate the help.  If you have any ideas for how to gather supplies please let us know ..


We have 6 weeks to gather supplies.

Trip departs early morning on Feb 9th returning Feb 16th .

If anyone would like to join us we are willing to have more volunteers join us.


Be the change you wish to see in the world.

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