Board of Directors

Russ “Russo” Mutuc – Online Support/Board Member

Study Abroad Adviser.Medical Professional.Photographer

Russo Mutuc has a background in the medical field, as a practicing nurse, at a local skilled nursing facility in Los Angeles. He’s worked on and off in nursing since 1998, and he has worked with different ages from infants, adolescents, teens, adults, and geriatrics.He also worked abroad, in Costa Rica, with study abroad companies, which curtailed volunteer work with orphans in the country. Currently, he runs a business in study abroad, and many of his skills will be useful to the OTAY Group Charity tasks and needs. Along with the experience with international travel and business association, it can help with our the international mission work for OTAY Group Charity.

Jill Hudspeth – CFO/Board Member

I am Jill Hudspeth, OTAY’s “mom.”  In this role, I look forward to being able to love the OTAY members and volunteers as we work together to serve others.

I have three grown children and work at Canyon Creek Sports Camp, where I handle camper registration, oversee the pool, as well as being the mom for anyone in need of extra care.

I attended California State University, Long Beach and graduated with a degree in Recreation in 1979.  I lived in Tehachapi for 13 years and taught at both public and private schools.   I have volunteered with several organizations which include Operation Read at Juvenile Camp William Mendenhall, a church food distribution ministry, as well as many youth centered programs over the years. I’m looking forward to serving and caring for the needs of others with OTAY.

“Keep the joy of loving the poor and share this joy with all you meet. Remember works of love are works of peace”  Mother Teresa

Kisha Malika Lawson – Board Member

Nurse Practitioner

Kisha Malika Lawson is no stranger to challenging work, having spent many years as a nurse practitioner, which taught her the importance of and connection between giving, faith, hope and trust. In 1993, Kisha graduated from Villanova University and now holds a Master’s Degree in Nursing from the Catholic University of America.

Kisha is a volunteer for local organizations such as Meals-On-wheels because of her passion for service. Currently, she holds the position of board member for the Daniel foundation in Pasadena, California. As a forensic nurse practitioner, Kisha assists children and families in coping with trauma and illness. Kisha provides specialized medical/social services to adult and child victims of sexual abuse/assault. Through this work Kisha has the privilege of serving as an expert witness and interfacing with the justice system. In the past Kisha has served as a volunteer for many non-profits in various roles.

Raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Kisha now lives in Santa Monica, California with her fiancé. She finds great pleasure in the outdoors, folkloric dance, exploring cultures, languages and traveling adventures. She intends to share her love of people, dance,  nature, and traveling with as many children as possible through non-profit organizations.

Karla Flores – Co-President/ Event Coordinator/Board Member

Karla Flores’ venture into OTAY group charity began with a food drop on what is known as “Skid Row” in Los Angeles but her involvement and commitment with the non-profit organization was consolidated with a shoe drop in Central America, “as soon as I heard that we are going to help kids I was there, mentally I was there,” said an enthusiastic Karla of the group’s first international mission to Guatemala. The experience of being involved with a group of people that put aside their own needs in order to give to others because it can make a positive difference proved to be influential for Karla.
Having grown up in South Central Los Angeles amidst a backdrop of gang violence, racial tension, and poverty inspired Karla to first make a difference in her own community. Her own personal efforts to help her neighborhood and make it a better place to live involved handing out plates of food to the homeless right from her front door during Thanksgiving and Christmas. This simple act of kindness which Karla credits her mother for, allowed her to make many new friends, many of which to this day still visit her during the holidays. ” As a kid, I remember my mother would open the doors to our home anytime someone from our neighborhood needed a shower or a hot meal”, recalls Karla.

It was this type of attitude that would later lead Karla to work with handicapped children. Helping the children learn, grow, and teaching them the skills required  to one day venture out into the world on their own seemed to be a natural calling for her. Indeed, Karla’s nurturing and generous way of being has led people to seek her out for advice, guidance, and good company. It is her belief that everyone has qualities and skills that can help others. Karla’s enthusiasm, which is only rivaled by her strong work ethic, has helped her organize many successful charity events.

To be involved with a charity group that not only helps the less fortunate in her hometown but also travels abroad allows Karla to continue her passion for helping others. Karla currently resides in the Los Angeles area and works in special education at a middle school that is located in the heart of South LA, she is also known as Fatburger’s only undisputed women’s eating division champion, and is a founding member of Otay.

Louis Cohen – Director of Food Services/Board Member

As your anything but average twenty-eight year old, Louis Cohen does not miss a beat of his pervasive lifestyle. He relished his nurtured upbringing in upstate New York and began his journey into adulthood, maintaining his career focus on Physical Therapy.  He grew restless with this idea and left to attend culinary school, The Culinary Institute of America in New York. To make ends meet and cultivate his passion, Louis worked in numerous restaurants.  He spent his externship in Costa Rica’s Four Seasons, for a grand total of five months.  Louis obtained an associates degree upon completion, ensued a bachelor’s in Culinary Arts Management.  Through this grand venture, Cohen worked at Busy Bee Café under the supervision of Chef Robert Keen.  He pursued a position as head chef of Marion’s Country Kitchen in Woodstock, New York, where he maintained his ground as the sole kitchen member.  He evaded this position in order to travel worldwide.  He encompassed the various cultures of his journey, thus taking tours of magnificent vineyards and manifesting himself in the finest of restaurants.  However, while living in the country of Thailand, Cohen underwent a life-altering realization of his profound thirst to help the seemingly hopeless.  As an accomplished, well educated, and vastly traveled chef, Louis Cohen has already made a difference in the world and it’s taste buds.  However, he would like to make a much grander, more profound impact upon the less fortunate.  He knew he was meant for something greater and a life, containing more fulfillment, than a now seemingly simplistic dream of being an astounding chef could innately provide. “I would like people to know help is on its way.  I am promoting the concept that giving is cool, to provide help in any scope of my power, and to transversely inspire others to follow in the same footsteps.”  Cohen’s passion is incredulous and is dedicated to aiding the poverty stricken throughout the world.  He is reaching out in hopes to manifest a certain degree of inspiration within the hearts of the fortunate and well-endowed.  Louis will continue to provide the service and surmountable energy in order to cultivate this evasive passion among humankind.  It is up to the aspirations of our society to encompass this vision and surrender a portion of our hearts and feel for the less fortunate three hundred and sixty-five days of a year.

Sevana Gharibian – Co-President/ Food Services/Board Member

Executive Chef at Canyon Creek Sports Camp

As Chef of OTAY, Sevana is thankful for the connection she made with a group of individuals whose hearts are filled with common interests of love, peace, and the power of giving.

Growing up in a large Armenian family with diverse cultural backgrounds, cuisine, and tradition, Sevana found her calling; to become a chef and share her passion of food and culture. She graduated from The Culinary Institute of America, in New York with a Bachelors degree in Culinary Arts Management.  Among her experiences were two restaurants that she was able to reach out to and found a common connection with Head Chef Robert Keen of Busy Bee Café, and Executive Chef Serge Madikians of Serevan restaurant. It was here that Sevana realized her journey of food had only begun and had a lifetime to taste, to share, and to learn. Sevana left her role as Sous Chef of Serevan to travel the world and to experience culture, food, and tradition as she once did with her own family’s backgrounds.

Currently Sevana works at Canyon Creek Sports Camp as Executive Chef and is able to prepare healthy, kid friendly options for over 250 youth from ages 7 to 18 years of age.  Sevana feels she is blessed everyday to have the opportunity to utilize any left over food to donate to those who don’t have the option of eating a nice meal.  So far, food donations have been made to the homeless of Downtown Los Angeles, Glendale, Venice, retirement homes and the Library in Lancaster, and certain park area’s in Palmdale.

Sevana wants to show the importance of heritage, support, and sharing. Bringing communities together, promoting volunteer work, teaching people how a little bit can make a difference. “I understand the difficulties we may face in our efforts to enrich the world with our individual abilities, talents, and love, but together OTAY has found PEACE that will motivate us now, and help spread our kind work among the hearts of many.”

Josie Hudspeth – Secretary/ Board Member

Student at California State University, Fullerton

Josie Hudspeth became involved in Otay to join others who desire to come along side people and give whatever is necessary.  She has been involved in service projects and missions organizations since childhood and it is her desire to improve the lives of whomever she can, whether through services, goods, time, or connection.  Josie’s passion for OTAY began upon seeing this same attitude in all of the members.  Josie graduated from California State University, Fullerton in 2011 with degrees in Interpersonal Communication and Women and Gender Studies.  Her studies have emphasized Intercultural and Interpersonal relationships.  She is currently working toward a Master of Arts degree in Intercultural Communication at Cal State Fullerton.

Advisory Board

Julie Costa – Co-Founder

Nursing student

Julie Costa, an optimistic Sagittarius, is one of the original founders of the OTAY Organization. Born in Massachusetts, raised in Oregon, spent the last 10 years of her life in California and  currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

Julie is well known for her outgoing and friendly personality. She is spontaneous and adventurous and loves to travel the world and to meet people from every walk of life. This student of life  is well traveled and has visited many countries in most  the continents on this Earth including; Central America, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Julie brings her own world of knowledge and experience to the OTAY family. A graduate from San Francisco State University, Julie is a graduate of Kinesiology  with a Physical Education teaching credential.  She has spent several years serving the public school system of San Diego as a substitute teacher K-12. Her passion, dedication and compassion for education, health and fitness have positively impacted the lives of her students and everyone with whom she has crossed paths.

Although she is a natural teacher, Julie is constantly looking to further her education and challenge herself in new ways. Her passion for the human body and helping others has led her to Metropolitan State College where she has entered an Accelerated Nursing Program to become an RN and another step closer to helping others. Julie lives for today!  She lives to PLAY! And she strives to SAVE THE WORLD!

Shannon Schiele – Athletic Coach

Shannon Schiele, teacher, athletic coach, and aspiring philanthropist joined OTAY in hopes of bringing a little happiness to others through charities and volunteer work. Shannon loves adventure and experiencing new cultures. She recently returned to the states after spending two years in the Chiungutwa Village in Tanzania, Africa, as a United States Peace Corps Educator.
“My experiences with the people in Tanzania were something I’ll never forget. I will miss my time there a great deal but am eternally grateful for the opportunity I was given,” said Schiele.
Shannon known for her enthusiasm, energy, and work ethic looks forward to working with the youth in the communities OTAY visits.
Prior to her time abroad, Shannon was finishing her undergraduate degree at Linfield College where she graduated with honors while earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood and Elementary Education.
“I am excited to be a part of the OTAY organization and to pay it forward. I look forward to working with people who share a love for education, sports and youth empowerment,” stated Schiele.

Sarah Glass -Graphic Designer

Sarah Glass, born 1982, in Los Angeles, CA. Creativity was always her call in life. She attended college at Woodbury University in Burbank, CA and received a B.S. in Graphic Design. In 2000 she started her own company called Gray Matter Grafix. Her work experience includes design firms, publications/magazines, art galleries and individuals in many genres. Galleries in the Greater Los Angeles area have displayed her paintings, photography and crafts (including jewelry). Her creations range in style from modern to classical, simple to extravagant, from cultural to universal. Anything is possible!

Her background is also strong in art history. In addition she loves to travel, indulge herself in other cultures, write, and enjoys working with children and animals.

Sarah is passionate about life and creating for the world to enjoy.

Jenny Acosta

Carol Delay

Brent Butzke – Lead Video Editor

Brent Butzke started his creative dream when he was given his own linear editing system at 13.  With his extensive knowledge gained at The Art Institute of Los Angeles, he has solidified his skill by editing several music videos, TV shows, films, and commercials.  As well as being a freelance photographer for CBS. His recent Editing projects include the feature film Ghettophysics from the creator of What the bleep do we know?, and the award winning documentary Keep and Open Mind. Brents Passion for storytelling and perfection continue to grow with each project.

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More Of Our Members
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