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“Enriching lives and developing intercultural relationships through local, national, and international service projects.”

We are OTAY GROUP, a non-profit in the works. Working to help others and making a difference. Welcome to our page, we hope you find our site inspiring! If it does, and you want to help with our mission, contact us. 323-472-4487 (Mention OTAY GROUP)

OTAY is about a group of people who have come together to make a difference in the lives of others. Here is a little history :

  1. Our goal was  to collect at least 100 pairs of children’s shoes for transport across the  Mexican border.

January 2009-The word spread resulting in numerous people donating 300-400 pairs  new/used children’s shoes. It was decided that the shoes would be donated to one or more orphanages.

January 29, 2009- A team of four drove to Tijuana from the starting point of Southern California to deliver hundreds of shoes to children and adults. We  delivered shoes to two orphanages. We slept overnight at one of the orphanges and participated in their daily morning routine. On the way back to California it was decided we would like to continue giving in any way possible. We discussed starting a non-profit organization. That was the day that OTAY was born. Otay Mesa is the name of the California Mexico border we crossed, from which we derived the groups name. Everything is O.T.A.Y.

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OTAY Group Charity is a California Nonprofit Corporation with an IRS Recognition as a 501(c)3 Charity.

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