Posted by: OTAY Group Charity | November 4, 2012

OTAY FoodDrop Skid Row 11.2.2012

OTAY is privileged to have had so many volunteers participate in today’s skid row bagged lunch mission. A dozen people devoted their time and made a commitment to help reach out by handing out a nice easy meal for 100 people living in the streets of Los Angeles. It was a pleasure to see new faces and create new friendships while altogether sharing such a rewarding and invaluable gift. It is difficult to truely explain the feeling of joy that fills the air as hungry men and women stare curiously in hopes that the dozen happy people hoping out of cars with brown paper bags are there to extend compassion. It took all of five minutes to pass out so much and gain so much in return. OTAY is blessed to have had all of you participate today as your efforts will never go unrecognized.  A overwhelming sense of accomplishment, joy and comfort is a genuine reward with today’s actives. It was a meaningful and impact full day for all of us.


Special thanks to the volunteers who participated in the project.

Mistie Barela, Frankie Loyal Delgado, Heather Nicholson, Niko Rodier, Jesse Hernandez, Marta Bertrand, Edgar Hernandez, J. Antonio Morales, Vanessa Alas, Karla Flores, Louis Cohen, and Russ Mutuc




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