Posted by: OTAY Group Charity | February 1, 2012

3rd Annual Trip To Sylmar Shelter!

Ready, set G’OTAY! Its Sylmar time and the OTAY group gears up again to spread love and compassion to our friends at the Sylmar Shelter. On Feb. 12, OTAY will join the staff of the shelter and cook a hot-n-hearty meal and feed it’s patrons. This is the start of a new year and new beginnings for many of us but sadly it’s a hard time for the homeless. The cold wintery months are upon us and for the less fortunate it is a difficult time to stay joyful. Whatever contribution is very much appreciated as OTAY looks for your aid in helping this event become a success. Volunteers are always welcome and monetary donations can go a long way.  The shelter is home to 150 and making sure each and every one is comforted, fed and smiling is the mission here at OTAY.  Please help OTAY help its LA family on Feb. 12, as your effort is what will help change the world.


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