Posted by: OTAY Group Charity | November 11, 2011

OTAY Welcomes in The Holiday Season

The holiday season is here! During this time of year it is difficult not to cherish and appreciate the loved ones of our lives and the fortune of life itself. As the temperatures fall, the nights become longer, and the change of season colds we suffer take hold, it is during these very times where our comfort, health, love and shelter stand out amongst our most vital privileges. It is a time of peace for many of us, a celebration. The end of the year approaches and the constant “looking back” formula; pondering our most joyful of events, while separating the moments that frightened us or that may have weakened us. For many, the holiday season can be a delightfully forgiving time of year.

It is saddening to think that as peaceful and heart filled as holiday season is to most of us, that it could be equally brutal to endure for others. It is no secret that Los Angeles harbors an easily identifiable crisis of homelessness. However, what can we really understand about the enormity of this unfortunate situation? According to the Institute for the Study of Homelessness and Poverty at the Weingart Center, an estimated 254,000 men, women and children experience homelessness in Los Angeles County during some part of the year and approximately 82,000 people are homeless on any given night. (

The idea that so many people lack the shelter and support that we seek so efficiently is mind boggling. Attempts to create more shelters, better funding for existing shelters, and food distribution have been slowly incorporated by large non-profit organizations and governmentally funded programs. However the true effort that is seen most clearly is the one from within. Such an effort is that made by The New Image Shelter in downtown LA. A shelter consisting of a safe, friendly environment for those with unfortunate living situations. More than just a shelter from the cold nights, The New Image Shelter hosts a family like community. Dinner is served everyday, communal eating groups can be found huddled around television sets.The presence of caring and knowledgable staff help support the guests in their development and growth as citizens. The shelter can be home to upwards of 700 people on any given night.

This year OTAY plans to welcome in the new year with a joyful event at The New Image Shelter. On December the 4th OTAY and a bunch of volunteers will roll up their sleeves and prepare dinner for the many friends of New Image. It is very important for people to come together during situations like these more than ever. OTAY would very much appreciate any gift you are able to donate as it will be utilized to the fullest extent. Volunteers may feel free to contact one of the board members with inquires. Those who are generous enough to support with a monetary contribution may do so through paypal or through a member of OTAY.

Please help OTAY and their friends this holiday season! Your contribution will benefit greatly and make an impact on many lives.

Thank You

OTAY Group


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