Posted by: OTAY Group Charity | November 5, 2011

Treats for children in Costa Rica on Halloween

This past Monday we shipped a suitcase full of cleats, uniforms, socks, shin guards off to a new Otay Volunteer Stephanie McLaughlin in Chicago. She is traveling this Thanksgiving holiday and is willing to take the shoes to the children in Mastatal, Costa Rica. How exciting it is to find others willing to help bridge the gap. When we all come together and help we are able to get so much more accomplished. Anyone who travels can be a huge help in getting supplies to other countries. The blessing of carrying on suitcase full will make a huge difference to a family. This year Sue Porges was willing again to share our desire to help the children in the countryside of Costa Rica who play soccer without cleats.. The Palmdale Youth Soccer League collected new and used cleats and uniforms and balls. One shipment was mailed this past summer to Oregon where three boxes went to our first contact near Llamas, Costa Rica. Scott Zazueta of Santa Clarita has also continued to support Otay and has proven to be a valuable resource with cleats, uniforms, and balls making sure the children all got the correct sizes on this last shipment.

In addition this October Joe Valverde a grandfather with two soccer players provided a full set of uniforms and socks that were sent to Mexico near Encinda. The supplies were sent on a build a house project with the Desert Vineyard church in Lancaster. Five homes were built, families blessed with supplies and new uniforms were able to bless a team. The trip finished up with stopping at an orphanage and children clothing and toys shared. ( photo from mexico)

Many will think what can one pair of cleats do, but as we have seen over the past few years that individuals that come together can achieve much.. Thank you all for your continued support to stretch out to make a difference in another’s live..



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