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OTAY Preps Dinner for My Club Youth Center

OTAY Group Charity on another mission, this time with My Club Youth Center. MCYC always has a hot holiday dinner for their youth but unfortunately their stove just broke so they were going to have to cancel their holiday dinner at the shelter. So here comes OTAY to help fire up the spirits.
On November 16, 2012 board members from OTAY along with kind amazing volunteers will be preparing food for the evening.
My Club
8705 S Vermont 
Los Angeles, 90044
More information to come….
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OTAY FoodDrop Skid Row 11.2.2012

OTAY is privileged to have had so many volunteers participate in today’s skid row bagged lunch mission. A dozen people devoted their time and made a commitment to help reach out by handing out a nice easy meal for 100 people living in the streets of Los Angeles. It was a pleasure to see new faces and create new friendships while altogether sharing such a rewarding and invaluable gift. It is difficult to truely explain the feeling of joy that fills the air as hungry men and women stare curiously in hopes that the dozen happy people hoping out of cars with brown paper bags are there to extend compassion. It took all of five minutes to pass out so much and gain so much in return. OTAY is blessed to have had all of you participate today as your efforts will never go unrecognized.  A overwhelming sense of accomplishment, joy and comfort is a genuine reward with today’s actives. It was a meaningful and impact full day for all of us.


Special thanks to the volunteers who participated in the project.

Mistie Barela, Frankie Loyal Delgado, Heather Nicholson, Niko Rodier, Jesse Hernandez, Marta Bertrand, Edgar Hernandez, J. Antonio Morales, Vanessa Alas, Karla Flores, Louis Cohen, and Russ Mutuc



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Claremont Outdoor Education Program Donates Food to OC Rescue Mission

Otay was excited to assist in facilitating the donation of 327 pounds of food to the Orange County Rescue Mission.

The Outdoor Education Program at Pomona College, led by Senior Coordinator, Martin Crawford, takes their students on an annual wilderness experience. The students cook their own meals & decided to donate all their extra goods to Otay Group Charity.

Inspired by the students of Pomona College and the Otay way to keep goods and resources moving into the hands of those who need it most, Otay took the goods to the Orange County Rescue Mission. The mission serves approximately 3,000 meals everyday to those in need of emergency assistance and those who live in the dormitories.

For more information on the Outdoor Education Program at Pomona College go to

For more information on the Orange County Rescue Mission go to



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3rd Annual Trip To Sylmar Shelter!

Ready, set G’OTAY! Its Sylmar time and the OTAY group gears up again to spread love and compassion to our friends at the Sylmar Shelter. On Feb. 12, OTAY will join the staff of the shelter and cook a hot-n-hearty meal and feed it’s patrons. This is the start of a new year and new beginnings for many of us but sadly it’s a hard time for the homeless. The cold wintery months are upon us and for the less fortunate it is a difficult time to stay joyful. Whatever contribution is very much appreciated as OTAY looks for your aid in helping this event become a success. Volunteers are always welcome and monetary donations can go a long way.  The shelter is home to 150 and making sure each and every one is comforted, fed and smiling is the mission here at OTAY.  Please help OTAY help its LA family on Feb. 12, as your effort is what will help change the world.

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Otay is Spreading Warmth this Holiday Season

Thanks to the Higher Vision Church of Castaic, CA, OTAY Group is going to give away coats to the children of the 92nd St. School in Los Angeles this Thursday.

The children will be receiving coats, sweaters, and boots as well as watching a screening of “Early Lingo” and getting snacks.  


We will be passing out blankets, coats, sweaters, and shoes all this winter so if you would like to donate these items please contact!

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OTAY Welcomes in The Holiday Season

The holiday season is here! During this time of year it is difficult not to cherish and appreciate the loved ones of our lives and the fortune of life itself. As the temperatures fall, the nights become longer, and the change of season colds we suffer take hold, it is during these very times where our comfort, health, love and shelter stand out amongst our most vital privileges. It is a time of peace for many of us, a celebration. The end of the year approaches and the constant “looking back” formula; pondering our most joyful of events, while separating the moments that frightened us or that may have weakened us. For many, the holiday season can be a delightfully forgiving time of year.

It is saddening to think that as peaceful and heart filled as holiday season is to most of us, that it could be equally brutal to endure for others. It is no secret that Los Angeles harbors an easily identifiable crisis of homelessness. However, what can we really understand about the enormity of this unfortunate situation? According to the Institute for the Study of Homelessness and Poverty at the Weingart Center, an estimated 254,000 men, women and children experience homelessness in Los Angeles County during some part of the year and approximately 82,000 people are homeless on any given night. (

The idea that so many people lack the shelter and support that we seek so efficiently is mind boggling. Attempts to create more shelters, better funding for existing shelters, and food distribution have been slowly incorporated by large non-profit organizations and governmentally funded programs. However the true effort that is seen most clearly is the one from within. Such an effort is that made by The New Image Shelter in downtown LA. A shelter consisting of a safe, friendly environment for those with unfortunate living situations. More than just a shelter from the cold nights, The New Image Shelter hosts a family like community. Dinner is served everyday, communal eating groups can be found huddled around television sets.The presence of caring and knowledgable staff help support the guests in their development and growth as citizens. The shelter can be home to upwards of 700 people on any given night.

This year OTAY plans to welcome in the new year with a joyful event at The New Image Shelter. On December the 4th OTAY and a bunch of volunteers will roll up their sleeves and prepare dinner for the many friends of New Image. It is very important for people to come together during situations like these more than ever. OTAY would very much appreciate any gift you are able to donate as it will be utilized to the fullest extent. Volunteers may feel free to contact one of the board members with inquires. Those who are generous enough to support with a monetary contribution may do so through paypal or through a member of OTAY.

Please help OTAY and their friends this holiday season! Your contribution will benefit greatly and make an impact on many lives.

Thank You

OTAY Group

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Higher Vision Church of Castaic joins Otay to collect shoes

Higher Vision church of Castaic made a push for shoes this past October to help those both here in California and families abroad. As of today eight hundred and seventy-five pair of shoes have been collected with more still pouring in.

Childrens, womens and mens shoes all sizes and types have been put in our hands to allow Otay to make some drops this holiday season .

Many thanks to Pastor Jared Ming who saw that people could get involved with loving their neighbor. Alex Romero for knowing that Otay would be more than excited to work with them..

Otay volunteers Cherie Koshak and Rose Smithers were both big help with the collection of the shoes getting them out of the church and up the mountain.

Stay tuned to upcoming projects to share shoes with the homeless of Los Angeles!

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Treats for children in Costa Rica on Halloween

This past Monday we shipped a suitcase full of cleats, uniforms, socks, shin guards off to a new Otay Volunteer Stephanie McLaughlin in Chicago. She is traveling this Thanksgiving holiday and is willing to take the shoes to the children in Mastatal, Costa Rica. How exciting it is to find others willing to help bridge the gap. When we all come together and help we are able to get so much more accomplished. Anyone who travels can be a huge help in getting supplies to other countries. The blessing of carrying on suitcase full will make a huge difference to a family. This year Sue Porges was willing again to share our desire to help the children in the countryside of Costa Rica who play soccer without cleats.. The Palmdale Youth Soccer League collected new and used cleats and uniforms and balls. One shipment was mailed this past summer to Oregon where three boxes went to our first contact near Llamas, Costa Rica. Scott Zazueta of Santa Clarita has also continued to support Otay and has proven to be a valuable resource with cleats, uniforms, and balls making sure the children all got the correct sizes on this last shipment.

In addition this October Joe Valverde a grandfather with two soccer players provided a full set of uniforms and socks that were sent to Mexico near Encinda. The supplies were sent on a build a house project with the Desert Vineyard church in Lancaster. Five homes were built, families blessed with supplies and new uniforms were able to bless a team. The trip finished up with stopping at an orphanage and children clothing and toys shared. ( photo from mexico)

Many will think what can one pair of cleats do, but as we have seen over the past few years that individuals that come together can achieve much.. Thank you all for your continued support to stretch out to make a difference in another’s live..


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Palmdale Youth Soccer League Donates Team Gear

Otay Group received the second annual donation of soccer gear from the Palmdale Youth Soccer League.

The members of this league have provided uniforms for an entire team, soccer balls, cleats, and training equipment.

These items will be donated to a partner team abroad.  Check back soon for pictures and updates on these items!

Otay would especially like to thank Sue Porges for her time and efforts into collecting and delivering these items.  Sue, you are spreading serious OTAY LOVE!
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Thanks from Afghanistan!

As a token of gratitude for all the donations received, the troops of the 946th FST sent us a wonderful gift.

We could not have blessed so many lives without your help.  Their gratitude is extended to you through the Otay Board Members.

If you would still like to donate items to the people of Afghanistan or the troops of the 946th FST (an emergency medical team) please email for the mailing information.

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